Tuesday, September 2, 2008

There He Goes... (and I survived!)

Today was Lucas' 1st day of preschool! He was excited about taking Dixie cups as part of his classroom supplies. I, on the other hand, was so nervous waiting for the bus to come pick him up this morning! I wasn't sure how he would react to riding the bus without Brian or me. Over the past few weeks I tried to build the excitement for him. We talked about how the bus would be for only he and his friends to ride and that mommy's and daddy's couldn't ride the bus. It seemed to work. He looked a little apprehensive as I led him to the end of the driveway, his little hands closed in tight fists. But then a grandmotherly looking woman popped off the bus and greeted him, "Hi Lucas!" Up the steps he climbed without looking back. A minute or two later we saw his little hand waving goodbye. It was so hard to see him go! I shed a few tears, but then Lydia and I went shopping to buy her a new pair of shoes. A fun distraction! So, one day down, 200- something to go! Here's my cutie:

Waiting for the bus in new shoes and a new (huge) backpack.

Still waiting...

and waiting...

and there he goes!