Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fun and Games: Halloween Bowling

I put this game together for Lucas' class Halloween party. Not an original, but fun, nonetheless. I drafted the characters I wanted to use to represent Halloween on blank paper. Then I used my pattern as a template to cut out two of each shape from felt. I designed their faces using a combination of felt, floss, buttons and fabric glue. To make them a little more sturdy I sewed the second piece of felt to the back of each one.

Once my characters were finished I applied peel-n-stick velcro to the back of the felt and then to the back of plain white cups found at the dollar store.

Our bowling ball was a tiny baking pumpkin I found at Kroger. It was the perfect shape and size so it rolled really well for the kids. I hope they enjoyed it!

Overall cost: felt- $1.20
6 white cups- $2.00
Buttons and floss- $1.50
Baking pumpkin- $2.00
Sticky velcro- $2.00 (?)
Time- 3 hours

Not too bad for a game that we can use over and over... and it would be easy to make more felt characters to match what the kids are enjoying at the time or to match the current holiday.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Are You Kreativ?

According to my dear sister, Jenn, I am! I think she fudged this one a little for me. I am not nearly as creative as others when it comes to my blog. In fact, it's often a rarity for me to get more than 4 posts done in one month. My creativity lies in my crazed passion of sewing and creating little crafty projects. Unfortunately, most of those ideas stay trapped in my head just waiting for a few quiet hours so they can spill out onto paper. But, regardless, this award I will gladly accept!


The plan for this award calls for a listing of seven items under each heading. Like my sister, I'm going to keep it simple with one answer under each heading. It will make it easier on all us busy ladies!

1. What I Did Before: Was there a "before"?! Let's see... I worked full time as an RN in a surgical center in pre-op and recovery room. I would run almost every afternoon and even achieved a dream of mine- to run a marathon in under 4 hours.

2. What I Do Now: I still work 2 days a week at the same surgery center (nearly 9 years now!). I have fought and begged and dreamed my way out of working there, but I have decided that the Lord must have me there for a reason, because I just can't get away! But more importantly, on my days off I chase after my two crazy kiddos, loving them and thanking God that I do have at least 5 out of the 7 days to invest in their little lives. And maybe someday I'll get back into running.

3. What I'd Like To Do? I would love, love, love to spend a whole weekend catching up on my sewing projects while drinking great coffee and listening to classical music.

4. What Attracts Me To My Husband? He's not afraid to chase his dreams... or be goofy. He has a tender heart that desires to do right... and he lets me put my ice cold feet on his toast-o-matic legs when we go to bed at night!

5. Favorite Food: I have a serious problem with coffee and chocolate- but mostly coffee! And inevitably when winter rolls around you can add peppermint to that list!

6. What I Say Most Often: Well, with a 3 1/2 yr old and a nearly 2 yr old... it has to be "No!", "Stop" or "Come back here!". Seriously, though I probably say something like "Oh goodness!" or "Gracious!" most often. I know, I know... I really need to work on my potty mouth!

7. Pick Seven Other Bloggers: Well, I'm not sure I even have 7 people who follow this blog so I will pick a few who do and then fill in the rest with well deserving bloggers....

1. Amber at Mama Loves A Deal and 2.)Kate at Fell In Love At 22 are two wonderful women who have a lot in common (hope you girls don't mind I paired you together). Collectively they are they best bargain hunting duo I have ever met! These ladies have beautifully and creatively decorated their homes on a budget. They are inspiring. They each also have a separate blog detailing the journey of their adoption. Check out the exciting details of God's handiwork in bringing home two new little ones!

3. Stacie at Musing From Inside the Hobbit Door is a creative cook. The girl is not afraid of the kitchen! She is always trying something new or exotic. Recently she baked 7 loaves of various types of bread, 2 pizzas, and 10 caramel rolls. Dare I say she's nesting? Check out her beautiful loaf of Challah bread.

4. Brandy at Punkin and Peanut has the creative bug! Check out her blog page... so cute. I love the header! She always has a project for improving her home up her sleeve. And she tells of everyday life with hilarity!

5. Jenny at The Crew is a great story-teller! I love to listen to her recount events in her life. She can take any situation and make me laugh!

6. Lisa at The Journey Of a Superhero Mom is someone I've never had the pleasure of meeting in person. Her blog is inspiring. She has great insight and does a wonderful job of incorporating Jesus into everyday moments.

7. Lindsey at Imperfect is one creative momma! I'm pretty sure she doesn't read my blog, but she deserves to be awarded anyway! Take a look at her store, The Pleated Poppy. She makes some pretty cute stuff!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fun Giveaway!

Check out this cute Etsy shop and this great giveaway from Frugal Mom! They have had great giveaway prizes all week. Come check out a great blog and join in the fun!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cute Sayings Remembered!

I love the way my kids say things! You may not find these as endearing, but they made me chuckle:

Old Navy= Old Lady

Chic-Fil-A= Chic-to-Pay (Lucas' way to say we're "going Dutch"?)

Probiotics= Poke-an-Ox
(started the kids on Probiotics because of their allergies and some intestinal issues... still waiting to see if we notice a difference)

It's always something new...that's just one thing I love about being a mom!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Plodding Along...

***After posting the following I realized it may sound like "whoa-is-me". That is not my intention- just sharing the facts. And finding humor in our situation, especially my attempt to get in shape***

Hello! It's me again... is it October already? I have not forgotten my blog... it's just my "free" time is a little limited these days. I find that while living with my in-laws I tend to have to keep a closer eye on the kids- not that I let them run willy-nilly when we were in our own home- but I don't want my mother-in-law to feel like she's responsible or a built in babysitter. Things are not quite as "baby" proofed as they were in our own home.

Luckily, on the days when Lucas does nap I can still get Lydia to nap at the same time. During those moments, I get busy doing things I can't do while they are awake... like mowing our lawn, cleaning out our flower beds, paying bills, grocery shopping, etc. I even tried to get back into running. Last Saturday afternoon I ran for 30 minutes. It was a struggle, but I felt fairly good once I was done... until I woke up on Sunday. It hurt to move my legs for 4 days. Forgot I'm not in my 20's anymore.

The deadline on moving into our house keeps stretching out. I am praying we will be in our place by Christmas. Truly, that would be the BEST Christmas gift I could receive...ever. In the meantime, we just keep plodding along trying to get as much done as we can. I know it will be worth it! And I have to say I think living with my in-laws has improved my relationship with Brian's mom. I think we have a new understanding and appreciation for one another. So, living under the same roof has brought some unexpected blessings.

Well, I was going to post some cute things the kids have said lately, but they've completely left my mind. Time to go get the kids up anyway! Perhaps next time!