Saturday, September 12, 2009

Goggles Are Great and Other Random Things

Who knew what fun a couple pairs of goggles would bring to our day! I stopped by CVS and found these goggles 90% off. The kids love them and they make me laugh every time they put them on.

It's been pretty slow around our place. Here is a random list of the past week's activities:
  • Brian and I helped our neighbor pull out her overgrown bushes along the property line. We both wound up with poison ivy. I should seriously know better, but I thought I was being super careful. The area on my leg is so bad! I will spare you the nasty, horrid details.
  • The kids and I headed North to spend time with my parents and siblings last weekend. We had a good time catching up and laying low.
  • I had a wonderful night out alone last night. Finally, shopping without having to keep track of little hands! Just window shopping, but it was totally relaxing!
  • I'm on vacation this week. Yea!!!! The weather is gorgeous! I'm hoping to get some more decorating and yard work accomplished....maybe a little sewing on the side! (Please, please, please....)
  • Yesterday, I made three batches of strawberry jam. My little family is plowing through the batches I made in June. It was a little more expensive to make it this time of year, but I know it won't go to waste and it makes everyone so happy!
  • I picked these little beauties this afternoon. My rose bushes are make one last push before the frost. They are as fragrant as they are pretty!
I hope you all have a great weekend and an enjoyable week to come!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Day Underway!

This is a little delayed, but I still wanted to post some pictures of the 1st day of school for Lucas. He will be attending preschool again this year. Last year we saw some phenomenal changes in our little guy. He's been asking for 6 weeks when he would get to go back to school. He's ready and he loves it!

Luckily, my boss allowed me to come into work late, so I was able to see him off on his first day. I was so brave until the sun illuminated his beautiful, smiling face as they drove off. It struck me again for the thousandth time how much I'm going to miss not having home all the time.

He seems to be really enjoying his teacher and class room. This afternoon we finished our first home project.
A school bus that he was to decorate anyway he wanted.