Saturday, September 12, 2009

Goggles Are Great and Other Random Things

Who knew what fun a couple pairs of goggles would bring to our day! I stopped by CVS and found these goggles 90% off. The kids love them and they make me laugh every time they put them on.

It's been pretty slow around our place. Here is a random list of the past week's activities:
  • Brian and I helped our neighbor pull out her overgrown bushes along the property line. We both wound up with poison ivy. I should seriously know better, but I thought I was being super careful. The area on my leg is so bad! I will spare you the nasty, horrid details.
  • The kids and I headed North to spend time with my parents and siblings last weekend. We had a good time catching up and laying low.
  • I had a wonderful night out alone last night. Finally, shopping without having to keep track of little hands! Just window shopping, but it was totally relaxing!
  • I'm on vacation this week. Yea!!!! The weather is gorgeous! I'm hoping to get some more decorating and yard work accomplished....maybe a little sewing on the side! (Please, please, please....)
  • Yesterday, I made three batches of strawberry jam. My little family is plowing through the batches I made in June. It was a little more expensive to make it this time of year, but I know it won't go to waste and it makes everyone so happy!
  • I picked these little beauties this afternoon. My rose bushes are make one last push before the frost. They are as fragrant as they are pretty!
I hope you all have a great weekend and an enjoyable week to come!


Stonefox said...

those goggles are great! And YUM! Homemade strawberry jam? Biscuits are in order I think! Popped in to say it was good to "see" you at my place this week!

Jo@Mylestones said...

Marisa-thanks for your visit & comment on my blog.
Just stopping by to say thanks. And HURRAY FOR GOGGLES! Especially the 90% off kind. :-)

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Everytime I see these goggle pics, I laugh - they are too cute! My charlotte loovves goggles too :).