Thursday, November 10, 2011


On Sunday, Lydia turned five. Oh my! How time just scoots along.
We had a simple family celebration earlier in the day and then with our house church
family in the evening.

Upon waking, she donned the purple crown I made her last year and did not remove it until bedtime. She requested spaghetti for dinner and a chocolate cake with light purple frosting. Overall, I would say her day was a success!

Our sweet babysitter, M, brought Lydia an Aurora Princess Baby.
She's in love.

Some of your favorite things:

Color- purple
Food- spaghetti, oatmeal and french fries
Activity- swinging, twirling, racing your "car" down the driveway
Theme- princesses, fairies


My precious daughter.
You are a great blessing and it is an honor to be your mom. It's been a joy to watch you grow the past five years. My heart melts at your tenderheartedness, yet you have spunk! I love your silly moments... and there are many. You are my sweet girl and I am so thankful you were chosen by Him to be a part of our family. I pray that He will enable me to be a mom who will show you what it is to love Jesus and to love others.

yours forever,


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Robot, Fairy and a Kiss

Last night the kids had such a great time! There was a major countdown going on
here until the moment we stepped out the door.The fairy and the robot, all ready to go.

And of the course, my Hershey kiss who was forced to come along the big event.
He was quite a trooper.

And the only thing he's guilty of melting is my heart.

On a side note, I wanted to share this fun frosting recipe. It's very sweet, so it would
best be paired with a dark chocolate cookie or a cookie that's not overly sweet itself.
Spiderweb Icing:

3 cups powdered sugar
3 Tbsp corn syrup (I would like to try honey or brown rice syrup next time)
1/2 tsp vanilla
3 Tbsp + 4 tsp milk (separated)
2 Tbsp cocoa, sifted (Trust me, it's worth the effort)

Blend sugar , corn syrup, vanilla and 3 Tbsp milk plus 2 tsp milk until smooth. Remove 1/3 cup icing and stir in cocoa and remaining 2 tsp milk. Transfer chocolate frosting to a baggie. Snip the corner. Ice cookies with vanilla icing. Beginning at the center, pipe a spiral of chocolate icing onto the cookie. With a knife tip or a toothpick, drag through the spiral to create a web pattern. Let stand until set.