Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fun and Games: Halloween Bowling

I put this game together for Lucas' class Halloween party. Not an original, but fun, nonetheless. I drafted the characters I wanted to use to represent Halloween on blank paper. Then I used my pattern as a template to cut out two of each shape from felt. I designed their faces using a combination of felt, floss, buttons and fabric glue. To make them a little more sturdy I sewed the second piece of felt to the back of each one.

Once my characters were finished I applied peel-n-stick velcro to the back of the felt and then to the back of plain white cups found at the dollar store.

Our bowling ball was a tiny baking pumpkin I found at Kroger. It was the perfect shape and size so it rolled really well for the kids. I hope they enjoyed it!

Overall cost: felt- $1.20
6 white cups- $2.00
Buttons and floss- $1.50
Baking pumpkin- $2.00
Sticky velcro- $2.00 (?)
Time- 3 hours

Not too bad for a game that we can use over and over... and it would be easy to make more felt characters to match what the kids are enjoying at the time or to match the current holiday.


Kate said...

So cute! I love it!

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

So cute! See how creative you are?!

Jenn said...

Are you Kreative? Um, Yeah! My creative little sis! So cute! I love it and I'm sure the kids did too!

*I highjacked the kids computer and got the internet up and running. Its super slow on this beast but I couldn't help it! I'm addicted to blogging! :) LOVE YA!