Monday, November 3, 2008

That's Very Bad!

Yesterday was a gorgeous day! Spectacular! It was warm and sunny and the smell of autumn was in the air. Brian was scheduled to be gone all day so the kids and I went to a local nature reserve to go hiking. They did really well, but after 45 minutes they decided they'd rather watch "Monster, Inc". Not me! I wanted to keep going! It really brought out my crazed desire to go trail running like I use to a few years ago! I do miss it so much this time of year!

After lunch I laid Lydia down for a nap and Lucas and I went to our house to finish up some yard work. I began trimming an overgrown climbing rose bush. All was going well until I tried to break off a large dead branch about 2 inches in diameter. I figured if I pushed it down far enough it would just snap off. Not so! The other part of the branch I was holding onto snapped off and the remaining portion came flying up from 4 feet down and blasted me in the eye. It almost knocked me out! I'm sure to an observer it might have been slightly comical. I was stumbling all over the side yard convincing myself I was going to be alright. I was afraid to move my hands for what I might find... would my eye be intact? Thank goodness... no blood. Just one big bruise to the outer side of my eyebrow and a very sore eyeball. Thank goodness it wasn't worse, but I should've stopped and gone home... but NO... Marisa must press on.

Oh, how I wish I had called to quits! The next hour and a half was uneventful and I had great hopes of finishing up all my yard work. Lucas and I were pushing along at a great pace. I was clipping away at a withered peony and he was cheering me on. Then he reached down to help just as I was clipping some stems... and yup, his thumb was in there too! I was horrified! I praise God because although he didn't cry out something (well, the Lord) told me to stop immediately and let go of the handles. It is a miracle I did not cut his little thumb off. He was bleeding quite badly (I'm talking a steady trickle!), so I whipped off his sweatshirt and held pressure. Brian's dad drove us to Children's Urgent Care so I could continue holding pressure and by then Lucas was crying great big sobs! I felt SOOOOO bad! Luckily, if we keep his thumb splinted straight for a week the skin should heal together without any stitches. Thank goodness!

Throughout the evening Lucas reminded me very sternly, "Mommy, you cut my thumb. That's very bad! Don't do it again!" In fact those were his last words to me as I tucked him into bed. Ouch! I had just stopped getting teary eyed over the whole thing! I guess I have a lot of making up to do!


Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

What a rough day! Hope you both heal quickly!

Jenn said...

Oh boy! Did this all happen after I talked to you? So glad his thumb is still intact! Don't feel bad I have cut the boys ears when trimming their hair. OOPS!