Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend in a Nutshell (or Eggshell)

  • Spent a fair portion of the day doing laundry and unpacking my sewing room (YEAH!)
  • My parents came into town- so good to see them! Pizza and frozen custard. Brian's parents join in the fun.
(The boyz checkin' out something on the computer.)


  • Mom, the kids and I make a run to Joann Fabrics. Always fun!
  • My mom (bless her!!!!) helped me finish unpacking/organize my sewing room and organize the kids play room. (love you, mom!)
  • Spend time getting to know neighbors at a bonfire/ cookout.


  • Wake up to little ones crawling in bed with us.
  • Lydia has a bark-y cough/runny nose. No church- just in case.
  • I had bananas to use up so I made Jumbo Caramel Banana Muffins. SO yummy!
  • Make a simple dinner of Brown Sugar Glazed Ham, Fresh Green Beans, Mashed Potatos and enjoy time with Brian's parents.
  • Easter Egg Hunt (thanks to Brian for getting everything together!)

  • Tried out this new recipe for chocolate chip cookies to celebrate a co-worker's birthday. Seventy-two in all! I haven't made cookies in ages so this was rather fun for me. And they were a big hit. A very good recipe!
  • Listen to Mark Driscoll's Easter service online while the cookies bake.

  • Four loads of laundry
  • Read 12 books to the kids. (not in one sitting!)
  • Take care of one little munchkin whose bark-y cough turned into a nasty fever. Poor girl!
  • Watch a little TV with the love of my life.
A busy, but satisfying weekend!

P.S. I found out the pretty little flower below is a Dutch Windflower not an Anemone. You never know what you'll learn at the local grocer!


Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Busy weekend! Love all the pics!

Jenn@A Country Girl's Ramblings said...

Those banana muffins are the BEST! But, I'm telling you those cookies look scrumptious!

KT said...

Sounds Fun! Tell the kids aunt Katie and uncle Clay miss them very much!

~joanne said...

Love....'all recipes' website! Your picture of the cookies looks way better. I have a very similar's the pudding!