Friday, May 27, 2011

You Made Me a Mom...

When I look back a little over six years ago I thought I might miss out on being a mom. (This was before the Lord opened my eyes to the beauty of adoption.) Getting pregnant was taking longer than I had hoped and I was getting worried. I was almost 30, after all. What I didn't realize is a lot can happen between 30 and 40... and beyond. Just when I had come to peace that the Lord may have different plans for us I found out we were expecting you. And my life has never been the same. The Lord has used you to help mold and shape me in ways no one else could.

The day you were laid in my arms my heart burst open with a scary kind of passion. I was so in love I ached. You, my sweet boy, have altered my life in ways you won't understand until you hold a little one you call your own.

~You have grown into a sweet, vivacious boy. ~

~You love to be silly and you crack your sister up! ~

~You have a strong will that will serve you well. ~

~Curiosity might as well be your middle name. You want to know how everything works.~

~You are passionate about numbers and can be found at least once daily with a calculator in hand figuring out things like how many days you've been alive... 2190 days, Buddy.~

~You are the family Meteorologist. I can rely on you to give me the day's forecast,
with any necessary updates throughout the day.~

~This year I had the priveledge of teaching you how to read. I love to feel your little
body next to mine as we read together.~

~I had the joy of watching you fall in love with your little brother.~

I have been blessed to have had one more year with you!
Happy 6th Birthday, Lucas! I love you so very much!


Amber said...

How has it been 6 years since we birthed our sweet boys?! Happy birthday Lucas! We love you buddy!

jenny said...

Happy Birthday, Lucas! Can't believe he is 6 already!! What a precious boy....loved your post about him!

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday to my oldest nephew!Wow buddy! You are growing up so fast! I hope we can see each other soon! I love you!

Great post, Reese!

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

This is almost inconceivable to me! I remember hurrying home from work in Cincinnati to be there. Happy birthday, Dude! Hope he had a great day!

hapi said...

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Rachel said...

Aww - what a blessing he is! I love his smile! Amazing how motherhood changes us, and how we are completely willing to let it! :)

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