Sunday, May 27, 2012

seven is awesome

Today was Lucas' 7th birthday and rather low key but yesterday we 
had a little birthday bash.  Just a couple friends, but a rowdy water balloon
fight that included getting me wet.
The weather was perfect...sweltering actually.  It felt good to get wet and have a nice cold glass of lemonade.  We rarely have birthday parties that extend outside of our family, but this year when he mentioned having a water balloon fight I decided that every good water balloon fight should include some friends.  Even though it took me 2 hours to fill the balloons and less than 10 minutes (or maybe even 5) to pop all of them it was worth the effort.

Love this picture of him!  Not so much of me, but it's not too often 
I get to appear in pictures too so I'll take it!


You are a sweetheart!  Your toothless grin melts my heart.  It is a sweet sign that you are indeed growing up.  I'm so grateful that you still love to give and receive hugs and kisses.  So, I'll give you as many as I can now.  You are starting to be a big help with your brother and I love how you desire to be daddy's right handyman.  You are so inquisitive.  Your mind goes 1,000 miles a minute, but that definitely makes you who you are.  You amaze me almost everyday with some fact, usually math, that you share with us.  It's a gift from God.  It certainly isn't anything we have done.
 He has given you a mind that easily grasps certain concepts and I can't wait to see how the
Lord uses that in your life.  You thrive on being silly and you have the most awesome dance moves!
I love you, buddy, with all my being.  I am blessed to be your momma.
Happy Birthday, Big Guy!


Kate said...

So glad Lucas had a great birthday! Looks like lots of fun was had by all!

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Wow. 7 already. Sounds like a fun day. Happy birthday to the very special birthday boy!

jenny said...

Just catching up on some the pics of him on his 7th celebration! What a sweet boy!!

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday, to one of my sweetest, most favoritist, nephews of all time! I love you buddy!

Josele Yap said...

im blog hopping and i saw that ur son turned 7. anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

Yappy :)

Frozen Moments Photography by Jennifer Sarah Yg. said...

So cute!!

K Angel said...

Aww I agree, 7 is awesome!