Friday, June 27, 2008

40th Anniversary Celebration

Last weekend the kids and I traveled to Michigan to celebrate my mom and dad's 40th anniversary. Our family has been so blessed to have loving parents who love each other! It's not too often that we can get all five siblings together at once- maybe twice a year. We had such a special time of laughing, catching up and playing together. To me, when we are all together everything in the world seems right.

There were so many great pictures from our time together. Here are just a few of my favorites from the weekend:

My beautiful, curly headed nephew!

My precious neice! (I have another awesome picture of her and her momma, but I didn't want to post it just in case my sister wants to)

Lucas spending time with Grandpa.

Lydia loungin' with the adults.

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Jenn said...

WE had a great time didn't we! I like the picture of mom and dad. It looks like dad is drinking from a sippy cup! :)LOL