Monday, June 30, 2008

Going Crazy!

It's been an interesting few days! I'm really struggling with Lucas. He seems to be in a rut of out-right defiance that I can't seem to break. I'm at my wits end... I want to understand what is going on in his heart and mind so I can maybe make sense of all this! It's as though he is purposefully testing me every 5 minutes or so. ARGH! I'm at a loss... so all you seasoned mommies please give me some advice! All my discipline tactics have proved useless!

Starting this past weekend he has also developed an obsession with going through each room and unplugging every cord he can find. At first I went around and plugged everything back in only to find a little while later everything unplugged again. For some strange reason this really got under my skin, but I think I'm going to have to resign myself to just plugging things in as I need them. He will also move items from room to room creating his own electrical collage. I know someday I will look back on this and smile, but right now- living in the midst of this- frustrates me.

On Saturday we were at Brian's parents home and Lucas snuck up to grandpa's office and proceeded to unplug all the cords to the fax machine and the computer. Luckily, grandpa got a chuckle out of it. At one point we even had to ask Lucas to show us where some of the cords needed to be plugged in. Little Smartie-Pants would just point to where the cord needed to go. He amazes me sometimes. The wheels are always turning!

I am taking a much needed break today. I have hired a babysitter for 3 hours and I am going to do whatever I want. This mom needs to get her heart back on track!


Cale and Kate said...

I'm sorry you've had a rough few days with Lucas. I hope you enjoy your time away this afternoon and that the Lord encourages your heart. I hope to see you tonight!

Stacie said...

Sorry, honey! I don't have advice, but maybe a perspective. They say that always keeping things plugged in uses a lot of energy. Lucas is just helping you be more green! I'm sure it is very frustrating. We love you guys!

jenny said...

Marisa--Sorry it's been a rough go with Lucas lately. I pray that your time to yourself is refreshing today and I'll see you tonight.


Jenn said...

Reese, I am praying for you and Lucas. I'm sorry you had such a tough weekend and super sorry I didn't call to check up on you. Forgive Me? My only advice is to pray, pray, pray. God will supply you with the answers, strength and wisdom.