Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Have You Ever Been This Tired?

Ah, my dear, sweet Lydia... so tired. This morning we had a showing at our house (fingers crossed) so we needed to leave the house for an hour or so. So after a rushed morning of cleaning we headed out to run some errands. Lydia was especially cranky, which is unlike her. I initially attributed it to her getting closer to being two. We made our last stop at a local health food store to pick up some things for their food needs/allergies. As we were checking out she just fell apart. I thought perhaps she was getting hungry so I quickly grabbed a bag of blue potato and sweet potato chips. On our way home I dispersed a few among the little ones and... evidently she was far more tired than hungry. How cute!

**(Yikes! Nice seatbelt job! She is so narrow that it is hard to keep her shoulders in the straps! Oh well, at least she's buckled in.)


Superhero Mom said...

I love this picture. Before I read it I laughed thinking she fell asleep chewing on beef jerky (apparently that is a big thing around here in Florida) I have never had it but it evidently resembles a blue corn chip! Love it!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

She is precious! It must be so nice to just fall asleep wherever you are...I could use a nap right now. :) We have the same thing with our seatbelt straps...we make them pretty tight, but my little one has figured how to completely wriggle out of it while I'm driving down the road, leaving her arms and shoulders unrestrained. Drives me nuts! :)

Thank you so much for coming by...your comment made me smile. :)