Friday, August 29, 2008

Boys Will Be Boys?

I took the kids to the park today. Lucas loves to pick up sticks and bang on the equipment. There are so many different noises to hear, and let's face it, the boy loves to drum! So, I was observing all the other moms telling their boys to "put the sticks down" and "don't pick up that stick!" I'm not always the most confident in being a parent... not sure why, so I kept struggling with myself about if I should conform to the other moms' desires. But I feel boys like sticks and it's okay to let them play with them. Now, if he's about to harm another kid or running with a stick that's a different story. So, I let him bang away and throw sticks up the slide to watch them come back down. What do you think? Do you let your kids play with sticks on the playground or do you try to keep that under control? And if you don't mind-why?


Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

We're not really to that stage of parenting but Ralph and I feel we would let our son play with sticks. Besides all the noises, sounds, etc for him to explore there is also the textures and opportunity for him to use his imagination. As long as he isn't harming himself or another child, we thing "Go for it!" That's just us, though. (It also helps if you're not a germ-a-phob. Some moms are scared of letting their kids get dirty.) :)

Jenn said...

Well, I'm sure you know what I think. Goodness he's a boy! Let him explore. My boys play with LIMBS around here!!!

Joe S. said...

Please don't quench that God-given drumming ability! I say, 'LET LUCAS DRUM!!!!'
(let the other parents raise unimaginative children who are afraid of sticks!)