Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Budding Artist and Other Random Things

This week I finally got around to helping the kids decorate eggs. I mean, Easter was early this year, right? So I figure I'm right about on time. Due to Lydia's allergies I decided to forgo real eggs and dye and picked up some plastic eggs, stickers and feathers. Above is Lucas' decorated egg. I like his has flair. Lydia was more interested in taking the eggs apart and piling all the stickers inside the eggs. It only held their attention for about 15 minutes, but I think they enjoyed it.

This week I took a couple vacation days. Since I work part time if I plan it just right a couple days translates into nearly two weeks.... heaven!!! I have really enjoyed being home with the kids and it just confirms in my heart that I want to be a full time stay-at-home mom. I'm trying not to think too much about Monday. I'm dreading it....I know, two days a week- big deal, but me no likey my job. It has certainly served it's purpose and I don't regret getting my degree, but I want to invest as much time as possible into my kids lives. Everyone tells me they are all grown up and gone before you know it. I believe them! Back to my previous thought... we've filled our time with a trip to Michigan to see family, running errands, buying some summer clothes to round out Lucas' wardrobe. I also finished painting our master bedroom (just the closet), crafted some cards with my sister, made some pillow covers for our bed and mountains of laundry. The kids and I had a great dinner with the neighbors behind us (we are so blessed to have them as neighbors) and we made a trip or two to the park.

Brian's been in Mexico on a missions trip for the past week. He's on his way home today and will be home in the wee morning hours. We really look forward to seeing him! We've missed him! Plus, he celebrated his 29th birthday while there, so we have some celebrating to do when he gets home. I think I'm going to make a breakfast casserole for a brunch and pick up something ooey, gooey good from Dorothy Lane Market. I don't do that very often, but I figure once a year is okay.

***side note- does anyone know the possessive form of Lucas? I think I have an acceptable form, but I searched on the internet and I've seen everything from Lucas' to Lucases (but I think that was referring to a last name). I'm definitely not strong on proper English!!


Jennifer said...

Hey Reese! When a word ends in an "s" and you want to make it plural you just add an apostrophe- such as Lucas', Bowers', Jesus'

I enjoyed reading your blog. I bet you are anxious to see Brian. A week is a really long time to be apart.

Rachel said...

Hi Marisa! "Lucas'" is correct! I'm an editing/grammar freak--even though I mess up in everyday conversation. I loved your post--and Lucas' Easter egg decorating skills are breathtaking. :) Talk to you later, friend! ~Rachel~

Stacie said...

I feel your pain--Ralph is gone till Wednesday and then leaves on Sunday until the following Friday. Glad you were able to take some time off. I must admit, I'm jealous. ;-P