Friday, December 19, 2008


This poor neglected blog! I've been wanting to post, but I've been busy creating! I will post the things I have been working on some day soon.

It doesn't feel much like Christmas this year. My in-laws have their tree up, but since we aren't in our own home it just feels different. I haven't really stuck to our traditions, so I think that makes a big difference. But at least we have a place to lay our head. And as a friend of mine pointed out, it doesn't matter where we celebrate Christmas. What matters is that we are all together. So true. I am so thankful for our little ones and for my wonderful husband.

My sweet, dear husband asked me if it would be okay if he swept out a little place in our basement for us to celebrate Christmas morning together- just the four of us. Would it be okay? Of course! He was afraid I would think it was corny. I couldn't think of anything sweeter.

The house is still coming along. We have almost every room painted and waiting for trim to go up and then spray painted. Then the last coat of paint can go on. The tile is starting to go down and I LOVE my kitchen tile..... so excited to see the final result! Then the bathrooms and kitchen can be installed. I have big hopes to be in by the end of January. Oh please, please, please!!!!

I have to share a few funny things Lucas has done recently (at least it made me laugh). Last week he meant to say "Oh shoot!" and "Oh dear!" at the same time, but it came out "Oh Smear!" So now that is the new family word! If I can catch him on video I will post it because the way he says it is hilarious. And then tonight, I was getting ready to tuck him into bed when he smacked me on the rump and proclaimed, "You have a big butt and it made a loud noise!" Children!

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Jenn said...

I can't wait to see how your house is coming along! I'm sure it is beautiful. You and Brian have a knack for that sort of thing.

Remember that song from high school- "I love big butts and I cannot lie"? Lucas' comment made me think of that!!! Oh SMEAR! Did I just write that! ;)